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  1. questionWhen I have my USB headset connected on Mac OS X, the sound still comes out of the speakers.
    By default, Mac OS X will play through the default speakers even after a USB headset is connected. This is corrected by making the USB headset the default audio device. This only needs to be performed once on a machine – after this the headset will work as expected. In the top left corn ...
  2. questionI heard the SteelSeries Siberia Frost Blue headset has LED illumination, can you tell me more about it?
    Absolutely, this is a feature we're very excited about! The SteelSeries Siberia Frost Blue has an exclusive Frost Blue LED glow due to the total of 16 Frost Blue LED lights, with eight on each earcup! The LED lights will only light up frosty blue, but you can control the pulsation of the LED lig ...
  3. questionWhen I try to load up the SteelSeries Engine, I get an error saying "Driver not available, application will exit".
    This issue may occasionally come up, and is more prevalent for users who do a lot of connecting/disconnecting with their devices (for instance, laptop users). This error usually comes up when the Engine loads up expecting certain devices to be connected into certain USB ports of their computer. ...
  4. questionWill the SteelSeries Siberia Frost Blue headset work on PS3 or XBox?
    Unfortunately because the SteelSeries Siberia Frost Blue headset is a native USB headset, it does not allow for the connections required to function with PS3 or XBox, or any of the SteelSeries Audiomixers.
  5. questionWill the Siberia USB soundcard work with the Siberia v2 Frost Blue headset?
    The headset is native USB so you do not need the USB soundcard! The technical answer is simply no, the Siberia v2 Frost Blue headset does not have 3.5mm plugs that are required to plug into the Siberia USB soundcard.
  6. questionDoes the SteelSeries Siberia Frost Blue headset have any new cool features?
    The SteelSeries Siberia Frost Blue headset is modeled around the Siberia v2 headset with a USB interface and a slew of cool new features and additions. 1) The first feature is LED illumination. 18 total LED's illuminate the earcups in a cool, frosty blue fashion. 2) Within our powerful SteelSeri ...
  7. questionHow does the SteelSeries Siberia Frost Blue headset match up for gaming, music, and movies?
    The Siberia Frost Blue edition headset is designed with functionality in mind. It features the same great design of our Siberia v2 headsets with some added benefits. Functionally, the Siberia Frost Blue headset features: 1) 50mm driver units that reproduce crystal clear yet powerful sound, wheth ...
  8. questionCan I change the illumination color on the SteelSeries Siberia Frost Blue headset?
    No it is not possible to change the illumination color. Since the Frost Blue color is a crucial design point of the headset. We guarantee that you'll be blown away by it though! Also, it is possible to modify the pulsation and intensity of the illumination.
  9. questionWill the SteelSeries Siberia Frost Blue headset work with the Spectrum Audiomixer?
    Unfortunately the SteelSeries Siberia Frost Blue headset will not work with the Spectrum Audiomixer because it is a native USB headset. The SteelSeries Spectrum Audiomixer requires that the headset has two 3.5mm cables to create a connection.