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  1. questionWhat should I ALWAYS do before I install a new product onto a Windows computer?
    We have a set of steps that we recommend for every user that uses SteelSeries USB products on a Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer. 1) Navigate to control panel -> power options (make sure the Control Panel window is set to large icon view in the top right of the window) High Performance sho ...
  2. questionCan I connect my SteelSeries USB headset to a Playstation 3?
    Yes but unfortunately the interface with the PS3 is a bit complicated for a standard headset. Plugging in the headset using the USB card into the PS3 will allow you to use your microphone, but the headset will not output sound. Because the PS3 does not output sound to the headset (outputs throug ...
  3. questionWhy is there a beeping or buzzing sound when I speak when using my USB headset?
    This is commonly caused by the Digital Output and SPDIF options. Access your SteelSeries audio software window and under the 'Main Setting' tab make sure of the following: 1) Analog Output is set to: Digital Audio 44.1 KHz 2) S/PDIF Output is disabled (the circular button should have a minus sig ...
  4. questionWhen I have my USB headset connected on Mac OS X, the sound still comes out of the speakers.
    By default, Mac OS X will play through the default speakers even after a USB headset is connected. This is corrected by making the USB headset the default audio device. This only needs to be performed once on a machine – after this the headset will work as expected. In the top left corn ...
  5. questionWhat colors are available for the SteelSeries Siberia headsets?
    We currently have 4 colors: White Black Special Edition Red Iron Lady (Pink)
  6. questionWhat is the difference between the SteelSeries Siberia full-size headsets and the SteelSeries Siberia full-size USB headset?
    As both products are identical in make and function, you will enjoy the same rich sounds and stylish design with both of them. The difference is that the USB bundle features our very own SteelSeries USB soundcard. The SteelSeries Siberia USB Soundcard offers a consistent sound experience allowi ...
  7. questionI have a soundcard in my computer is your USB soundcard better than what I already own?
    Probably not. Our tiny and affordable soundcard was never designed to out-perform the big expensive soundcards out there. It was designed for gamers who either use systems with (often crappy) on-board soundcards or players who travel a lot.
  8. questionWhy do you recommend your USB soundcard for gamers who travel?
    Playing at home is one thing. Playing at LAN-parties, tournaments or even netcafés is an entirely different thing. Imagine playing on a tournament computer with a crappy on-board soundcard - or just a soundcard which produces an entirely different soundscape than you're used too. All thos ...
  9. questionWhy is your USB soundcard better than my on-board soundcard?
    The soundcard features a processor which frees up CPU power on systems utilizing an on-board soundcard. More free CPU power equals more CPU power for your game application - and quite possibly a better in-game performance from the player. The sound quality should be considerably better as well.
  10. questionWhat is the difference between the SteelSeries Siberia Fullsized line and the H-line (7H, 5H v2, 4H and 3H) of SteelSeries headsets?
    We designed this headset for multi-functionality. Everything from the separate microphone to the cord length on this product was designed so you can use it both for playing games and use it with MP3-players, handheld consoles and such. And, as you might have noticed, the visual design makes a so ...