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  1. questionWhat should I ALWAYS do before I install a new product onto a Windows computer?
    We have a set of steps that we recommend for every user that uses SteelSeries USB products on a Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer. 1) Navigate to control panel -> power options (make sure the Control Panel window is set to large icon view in the top right of the window) High Performance sho ...
  2. questionCan you use the Zboard Gaming Keyboard with the Fang Gamepad?
    You are able to use both on the same computer using the current Z Engine software.
  3. questionWhat should I do if I get the error: "Z Engine has stopped working"?
    This error is caused by a conflict between Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and the previous version of the Z Engine. You can resolve this issue by updating to the latest Z Engine. Here is how: Make sure you have administrative rights to your computer. Please make sure your device is connect ...
  4. questionI cannot rename mods or add a game exe to my ZEngine mods; what can I do?
    Unfortunately there is an issue with the skinning engine in ZEngine that causes these issues. First please take the following step. This will allow you to edit game/exe Access your Z-Engine -> Tools -> Skins Select "Do not use skins" The only workaround right now for renaming mods, basical ...
  5. questionSome of the keys in the Mod file (predefined key layout for a specific game) are not working properly.
    Please ensure you have selected the proper Mod file for the game you are running - the 'Enabled' LED must be on for the Mod file to be active. Also make sure you have set the default key mappings in the game. If you are still having problems contact customer support to report your issue.
  6. questionWhat are the 2 lights (LEDs) on the right side for?
    The 2 LED lights on the gamepad are (from left to right): - Enabled (LED) - Represents when the selected Mod file (predefined key layout) is the active/running application. - Action (LED) - A multipurpose LED used to represent various features such as: key layers, in-game features, etc…
  7. questionSome of my multimedia keys don't work and I can't re-assign them for any other function.
    The 7 Multimedia control keys (Volume Up/Down, Mute, Back Track, Stop, Play/Pause and Next Track) are designed to provide standard Windows® multimedia functions. They currently support Windows® Media Player version 6.4 or higher. The Multimedia keys are hard-coded to perform their respe ...
  8. questionSome of the keys are not set properly to their defaults or they aren't working properly.
    You must install Z Engine in order to have proper functionality of all the labeled key. Most keys work as labeled though in some cases Number Pad 4 is used instead of the Number 4. If you have further issues, then we recommend that you contact our support.
  9. questionHow do I uninstall the Z Engine?
    1) Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Icon View -> Programs & Features (Add/remove programs on Windows XP) 2) Find the Z-Engine program in the list and select 'Uninstall' 3) If there is a problem, you may need to close the software first. If this does not happen automatically, press ctrl-a ...
  10. questionMy Z Engine system tray icon stays yellow/red.
    1. Check that the Zboard is properly attached to a USB port on the PC. 2. Ensure you are not using any intermediate devices between your Zboard and your PC such as PS/2>USB converter and vice versa, KVM or other PC switch, cable extension cord, and so on. Attach the Zboard cable directly ...
  11. questionWhy is the device I connected to the USB port on my Zboard not working?
    Your Zboard is equipped with 2 USB 1.1 (Bus powered) connectors. This hub supports low voltage devices (up to 100mA) such as mouse, joystick and so on. Plugging in high voltage devices (Such as Video Camera or Scanner) will result in a Windows message such as "The (name of device here) is conne ...
  12. questionAfter waking my computer up from hibernation, some of my keys don't work properly.
    This issue is resolved in version 2.2.0.XX (and later) of the Z Engine software. Please check our download section for the latest version.
  13. questionUsing keys on my zboard or merc causes other utlities or hotkeys to open. How do I prevent this?
    First, make sure that you have the correct software version. The Merc and Merc Stealth software versions are different and may cause erratic behavior if installed with the incorrect product. You can make sure you have the correct software and download the latest version here: Http://www.steelser ...
  14. questionMy ZEngine crashes after I've installed Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, how can I fix it?
    We've released a new version of the ZEngine which resolves compatibility issues with Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Please take the following steps to uninstall your ZEngine first. Please note that step #3 may not apply if the ZEngine crashes to begin with. 1) Go to c:/program files(x86)/ideazon/Zen ...