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I can't change the illumination settings on my WoW Mouse

NOTE: We are aware that there is currently an issue with a Windows driver update that may disable some or all features of the World of Warcraft mouse. We are working hard on getting this issue resolved and currently have an ETA of October 15. In the meantime, the illumination change may not be available. We recommend assigning macros through World of Warcraft itself. Thank you for your patience as we look to resolve the issue.


Please install the latest WoW Mouse software (version 1.08 released on February 4th, 2010).  We've specifically tested it to address the illumination bug found in Windows 7.
If that doesn't help there may be an interference from User Account permission settings in Windows Vista and 7. Please view or right click, save as to download the following document which provides specific installation instructions. WoW Mouse Reinstallation Instructions
If this still does not resolve the matter, please submit a request to our support department via a ticket. Be sure to describe the steps that you have taken so that we may provide the best assistance possible.

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14th of March, 2011

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