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How do I setup the WoW Mouse on Mac including the extended buttons?

The WoW Mouse support is available in World of Warcraft starting with the patch 3.3. Please follow the following procedure to setup your mouse:

1.      Launch World of Warcraft

2.      Open “Game Menu”

3.      Click “Interface” and select “Mouse” section

4.      Check the “Detect World of Warcraft Gaming Mouse” option and press “Ok”

5.      Click “Key Bindings”

6.      Scroll down to “Action Bar Functions”

7.      Click the function you wish to bind to the World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse and then press the desired mouse button. Repeat this step for all functions you wish to be associated with mouse buttons

8.      Press “Ok” and click “Return to Game”

9.      Finally drag your spell/ability from your spell book or a macro from the macro panel to the desired slots on the action bar(s) that have been bound to your mouse

10.   That’s it! Enjoy using the World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse!

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