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I am using an HDMI cable to connect my Xbox to my TV. How can I connect my Spectrum Audiomixer?

Since HDMI carries both the audio and video signal to your TV, you can connect your headset to your TV provided that there is either an audio jack or RCA jacks. See the link below for a picture reference. These jacks are usually located on the main back panel although it may be on the side panel or front panel of some older TVs.

http://cdn.steelseries.com/userguides/Support/TV Audio & RCA Jacks.jpg Some TV’s, specifically most 27” & smaller LCD monitors that double as HDMI TV’s may not provide either of these outputs. If this is the case and you are using HDMI to connect your Xbox to the TV, it will be necessary to use the (XBox AV adapter). This part is purchased directly from Microsoft or may be included with your system. Please see the the link below for further information. These parts will allow you to use the RCA jacks to connect your audio mixer directly while still providing HDMI video output to your TV.


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