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What can cause my Audiomixer to emit a buzzing or static noise in my headset?

Intermittent static noise or buzzing is usually a result of signal interference. Since the Audiomixer is an analog device, it is susceptible to noise or interference from devices that emit radioactive signals. There will usually be a low level buzz audible when not listening to any audio. However, normal sound output should entirely eliminate all audible buzz.

If there is still some audible feedback, white noise, or buzzing even when listening to any audio output, please see below.


Most commonly an excess level of static feedback will be caused by the play & charge kit for wireless controllers, as is pictured HERE. This is the device that plugs into the top of your wireless controller and provides a USB connection which charges the controller while you play. Unfortunately, this device is known to cause feedback with many mixers that plug directly into the XBox 360 controller as it significantly increases the amount of EMI in close proximity to the mixer.

Feedback may be also caused by devices such as microwave ovens, wireless remotes, cordless phones, and cell phones.

The next likely culprit in the case of the AudioMixer is a cell phone as it is the device most likely to be in close proximity to the Audiomixer (for example: if you keep your cell phone in your pocket). If you hear interference, simply move the transmitting device away from the Audiomixer and the cable that runs to your XBox until the static or buzz stops.

If you continue to experience an issue even after ensuring your device is isolated, we recommend that you try both the headphone connection if possible, and also try the RCA adapter to connect your headset to your TV.

Finally, if the issue still persists please contact our support department at: Http://www.steelseries.com/support

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