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Whats the difference between the MMO Gaming Keyset and Standard Keyset?

MMO games are designed to provide an entirely immersive user experience unlike any other in gaming. To achieve this awesome environment, there are countless commands and actions that the user can make use of to make his or her adventures that much more memorable and rewarding.

The MMO keyset has been designed to provide an at-your-fingertips experience with many common commands available at the touch of a button.

Out of the box, the MMO keyset includes:

-Two entire layers of common emotes pre-mapped, totaling 24 different emotes.

-Eight multi-level macro keys that not only allow for full customization, but allowing you three layers at the touch of a button. Imagine the ability to switch PvP, PvE, and Raiding mappings with a single key-press.

-An entire set of pre-set, fully customizable macro keys that correspond to the most common actions in MMO games. This includes movement, chat, battle, and general action keys all in an intuitive layout.

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21st of September, 2011

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