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My keyset is not recognized in the SteelSeries Engine, how can I fix it?

If your keyset is not working the SteelSeries Shift or ZBoard base, please take the following steps (note: if you are using a new keyset with a ZBoard, it will be necessary to uninstall the ZEngine completely and install the SteelSeries Engine; ZEngine will not support new keysets).

1) Ctrl-alt-delete to access your task manager. Under the process tab, find SSEngine.exe, select it, and end process

2) Uninstall the SteelSeries Engine software through control panel -> programs & features / add-remove programs. When prompted to keep custom profiles, select no.

3) Open your start menu and in the search bar, type: %appdata% and hit enter. In the folder that it opens, find the SteelSeries folder and confirm that it has been deleted. Note: If you have other additional SteelSeries devices with software, open this SteelSeries folder and delete the SteelSeries Engine folder if it exists.

4) Unplug your SSE device and wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in

5) Download the latest SteelSeries Engine software here (please do not rely on a previous download - when prompted, be sure to select 'save' to save the installer to your computer - do not simply run the installer to avoid any complications): http://cdn.steelseries.com/keyboards/engine/SteelSeriesEngine.exe 6) Right click the installer and 'run as administrator' - complete the installation to the default directory

If you continue to experience an issue, please contact our support department at: Http://www.steelseries.com/support

For quick assistance, please be sure to detail which keyset, base, and software version you are using. Thank you!

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21st of September, 2011

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