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Can I use a 7xb along with a 5xb or 4xb headset on the same system & how many headsets can I connect?

Yes, you theoretically use as many headsets as you have Xbox USB jacks.  The Xbox 360™ features 3 USB jacks which allow for up to three headsets – assuming that you are using wireless controllers. Since wired controllers connect to the USB ports of the Xbox, each wired controller will allow you to use one less headset.

Connecting more headsets that this will require some additional equipment to supply USB power.  One option is a USB hub, or any other device that supplies USB power.

Keep in mind that each 7xb transmitter has a point-to-point connection with each headset so you cannot connect multiple headsets to one 7xb transmitter.

If you have a specific question about your setup and whether or not it will support the number of headsets you would like to connect, please contact our support department and include the following information: Television model, any audio/stereo equipment currently in use, and number of wired Xbox360 controllers you use. 

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21st of September, 2011

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