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Can I use a SteelSeries Siberia v2 Cross-Platform Headset along with a Spectrum 4xb, 5xb, or 7xb headset?

On the XBox 360, yes. The Spectrum line is not designed for PS3 however, only the Siberia v2 for PS3 is compatible with the Playstation 3 system.

Do keep in mind that the number of headsets you can connect is limited to the number of available jacks you have available both on your TV and console. Please see below for details:

Factors to consider with TV's: number of headphone and/or RCA jacks. Typically a television will output sound to one source at a time, ie. headphone and not the TV speakers, or RCA connected devices and not devices plugged into the headphone jacks. For this reason, you should select the medium you will connect with (RCA jacks for example), and consider how many of these connections you will be able to make with your particular setup. Note that for XBox connections, the XBox RCA adapter is available for an additional connection so you should always be able to connect at least two headsets for audio as long as you have this adapter.

Factors to consider with PS3 and XBox 360: How many USB ports you have available for audio on the system. In each case, a connection is made via USB for headset microphone input. If you have a number of controllers connected, it may be necessary to look into a 'USB Hub' for your system to connect multiple headsets.

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