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How can I bind all of the buttons on my World of Warcraft Legendary MMO Gaming mouse?

There are a couple of ways in which you can change the commands on your mouse.

1) Open the Button Assignment panel the right side of the software.  Alternately, with the main software open, clicking any button on the mouse beyond the left or right click will highlight that button and open the panel.
2) Choose the command you wish to apply to the button.  You can assign any of the default in-game commands from the Command list, buttons to change you mouse’s DPI or profile, or create some Custom Macros. 
3) Click on the command you want will assign it to the currently button you have selected. Alternately, you can click & hold, then drag a command on to any button you wish to place it on.
4) To create a custom macro, with a button selected, click on New in the Custom Macro section. 
For more info, and info on creating macros, please refer to the user guide (? a top the software, or Help->User Guides)

In-game Mode (World of Warcraft only)
1) First, check the 'enable ingame mode' box in the WoW mouse software. This is below the character pane on the left side of the software window.
2) From there, go in game, log on a toon -> main menu -> interface -> mouse -> detect WoW MMO Gaming mouse
3) You can now go into the WoW keybindings menu and assign the mouse buttons as you would a keyboard key and they will be recognized as mouse 4+

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