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My Sensei locked up during the firmware upgrade; how can I fix it?

1. Refer to the picture in the link below and make sure that you are not plugged in to any of these places. The USB 3.0 port is OK to use but try using both a 3.0 port and 2.0 port. Since 3.0 provides more power, it may be the better alternative.

2. Make sure that your USB devices are set to be powered up at all times and that any power saving features are turned off.
Please refer to this thread for further information (steps 1 & 2 apply for all Windows OS, step 3 is ONLY for windows 7 users):

3. If you have the SteelSeries Engine running, kill the process by right clicking on the SteelSeries icon in the System Tray (the bottom right corner). Then select "Exit" and "OK".

4. Retry the firmware update. If you have the SteelSeries Engine installed, you can find the Firmware Update Tool in Programs -> SteelSeries -> SteelSeries Engine -> SteelSeries Firmware Update Tool. Choose to run as administrator if possible.

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