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What are the special features of the SteelSeries Flux?

-Passive noise dampening; despite being an over ear headset, the flux utilized SNDblock earcushions that help dampen outside noise and immerse you in your listening experience!

-Customization and Style; the flux was designed with style in mind. This means interchangable earcushions, outer plates, and cables that come in endless amounts of colors and designs.

All accessories will be available on our Flux accessorization storefront.

-Transportability; the flux ear-pieces both fold down to minimize space and protect the headset during travel.

-In-line microphone with call answer/call end button. This can also be used to control your music (next, back, off).

-Detachable cables; the SteelSeries Flux comes with detachable cables both for iDevices and for 3.5mm jacks

-Sound quality; we didn't forget premium quality to go with form and style. 40mm driver units provide a deep, rich audio experience.

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9th of October, 2012

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