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What do I do if my SteelSeries Free Mobile Controller is not compatible with a game on my Windows PC?

Windows Operating Systems support various protocols: Direct Input is a native controller input which lets you play controller enabled games without any other external software. You can also play games that donít have Direct Input, through the help of the SteelSeries Engine. The engine lets you emulate your Keyboard and Mouse functions to your Joystick and Button movements on your controller.

NOTE: While SteelSeries Engine is available for Windows XP, it will not work with the Free controller. Due to technical complications, there are currently no plans to incorporate SteelSeries Engine Free support on XP.

o††† If youíre playing a Direct Input enabled game (Publisher will identify if the game is Direct Input enabled) Ė please go to the in-game controller settings and select the gamepad option.
o††† If youíre playing the game with the help of the SteelSeries engine - Launch the SteelSeries engine and configure the mapping of buttons and controls through the on screen navigation. See the SteelSeries Engine manual for additional details.

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