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Can I use the SteelSeries Flux In-Ear Pro with my Windows PC or laptop?

Yes, by using the dual-jack connector that is included with your Flux In-Ear Pro headset, you can utilize the headset and microphone just like a over-ear headset.

The Flux In-ear pro, just like any analog headset, relies on the quality of your soundcard for audio quality.

To ensure the best experience possible, we recommend the following:

1) Make sure you are plugged into the rear audio jacks. If you have two sets (one may be onboard, one PCI card - switch to the other)

2) Check with your motherboard OR pci soundcard OR oem pc (if you have a namebrand such as Dell) - manufacturer website. Make sure you have the latest:
a) Chipset drivers
b) Audio drivers for your motherboard
c) Audio configuration software if any is provided

If you experience any issues with quality, we recommend testing the headset with another audio source first. If the issue does not exist on your other devices, we recommend connecting via the Siberia USB soundcard (purchased separately).

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