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What IOS games are compatible with the SteelSeries Free Mobile Controller?

Please see our detailed list below which details the top games compatible with the SteelSeries Free Mobile Controller on IOS devices. This is not a complete list due to the volume of games available, but is a good reference point for games that work fully with the SteelSeries Free Mobile Controller. Also, some games may only be available on a particular device (on tablet while not on phone, and vice versa).

For a link of Android games compatible with SteelSeries Free Mobile Controller please see here: Android games compatible with SteelSeries Free Mobile Controller
For Windows PC compatibility with SteelSeries Free Mobile Controller please see here: Windows PC compatibility with SteelSeries Free Mobile Controller

AAA - An Alien Annhiliation Heli Apps
Aemula Oldies FastIntelligence
Aemula Oldies S FastIntelligence
AirAttack HD Art in Games
Arcade Jumper BlackHiveMedia
Blast Soccer Uncade
Bob's Action Racing VariaMedia GmbH
Bomber Cat Starsman Games LLC
Box Cat Rusty Moyher
Bubble Sort HD Heavy Six Entertainment
Cave Shooter 2 Big Boys Gadget Toys
Cave Shooter HD Big Boys Gadget Toys
Caverns of Minos Llamasoft
Cavorite 2 Cascadia Games LLC
Chuck's Challenge Niffler Ltd
Commodore 64 Manomio LLC
Compression  HD Little White Bear Studios, LLC
Cyborg Livestock PopArcade
Dark Incursion Big Blue Bubble
Dink Smallwood HD Robinson Technologies
Diversion HD Ezone
Don't Run With a Plasma Sword XperimentalZ Games
Donkey Jump Shawn Kennedy
DrawCade Martin Grider
Dynamite Jack Hassey Enterprises, Inc.
DynaStunts DanLabGames
ElectroMaster xionchannel
Emerald Mine Les Bird
EnbornX Lantansia
Influx Half Fast Games
Invasion Strike Acceleroto
iSpherical - A Wizard's Journey Stefan Preuss
Jungool Headsoft
League of Evil Ravenous Games
League of Evil 2 Ravenous Games
MagMaze Fountain Labs
Meganoid OrangePixel
Mission 452 Jukaela Enterprises
Mode Shane Brouwer
Mos Speedrun Physmo
Muffin Knight Angry Mob Games
J-Werewolf: EP1 Daniel Martins Novais
Neoteria OrangePixel
No Gravity Realtech VR
Nyan Cat! Marc Ellis
P1XL Party - Retro Minigames! P1XL
PAC-MAN for iPad Namco Networks America Inc. Games
Paper Monsters Crescent Moon Games
Phoenix HD Firi Games
Pinball Kingpin Cartoon Smart
Pix'n Love Rush DX Bulkypix
Plum Crazy Claymore Games
Battlestation: Quixotic CrushCrumble
Retro Dust HD Silverline Arts
Retro Racing Mr Qwak Limited
Retroid Flat Black Films
RobotRiot Glowing Eye Games Ltd
Rock Crush Techworld Services
RPG Quest - Minimæ P1XL
Rush City Acceleroto
Saucelifter! Heavy Disc Madgarden
Shogun: Bullet Hell Shooter int13
Shuttle Scuttle Embraceware Software Inc
Sideways Racing Bjango
Silverfish MAX Chaotic Box
Sky Diver Classic Join2 Games
Space Inversion Silverline Arts
Space Inversion 2 Silverline Arts
Space Inversion Puzzle Silverline Arts
Star-Ball LITE SpicyPixel.NET
Stardash OrangePixel
Stupid Jones CoolPixelGames
Super Crate Box Vlambeer
Super Crossfire™ HD Chillingo Ltd
Super Drill Panic OrangePixel
Super Lemonade Factory Shane Brouwer
Super Mega Worm Deceased Pixel LLC
Temple Run Imangi Studios, LLC
Terra Noctis Bulkypix
TorpedoRun Free mQed
Unicorn Rush Mind Juice Media
Velocispider Retro Dreamer
Vertex Blaster Warner Skoch
Warblade HD Edgar Vigdal
Yellow Submarine Undersea Adventure Joseph D'Alessandro Jr

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